The FLEXLAB® (Facility for Low-Energy eXperiments in Buildings) provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with world-class research staff in development, simulation, and validation of efficient building technologies. Industry can conduct focused research or product development on single components or whole-building systems integration. Replace any building system, such as the exterior building envelope, windows and shading systems, lights, HVAC, energy control systems, roofs and skylights, or interior components such as furniture, partitions, and raised floors. FLEXLAB's technical capabilities includes:

  • Four newly constructed testbeds
  • Two cells per testbed, 600 square feet (ft2) each
  • One rotating testbed (2 test cells, 600 ft2 each)
  • One double-height “big box” testbed
  • Virtual design and visualization testbed
  • Control hardware testbed
  • Occupied plug-load and lighting testbed
  • 7,000 ft2 total new testbed construction

flexlab tour

Cynthia Regnier, Executive Manager for the FLEXLAB, provides a tour of the rotational testbed to Daniel Poneman, US Deputy Secretary of Energy; Janet Napolitano, University of California President; and Paul Alivisatos, LBNL Director (left to right) during the FLEXLAB Ribbon Cutting Event, July 10, 2014.  

flexlab pano

Panoramic view of the FLEXLAB facility.  Photo: Roy Kaltschmidt.