Infrared Thermography Laboratory

Infrared Thermography Laboratory

The Infrared Thermography Laboratory focuses on characterization of heat transfer through window and framing systems using measurements combined with high-resolution infrared thermography imaging of samples placed within a controlled environmental chamber. Prototype improvements are made through visualization and analysis of localized surface heat transfer around edges, spacers, and other connections between surfaces of highly insulating window and framing systems. Quantitative data are used to understand complex heat flows and to validate finite element heat and fluid flow numeric models. Simulation tools incorporating these models are used in national efforts to rate and label window performance so that consumers can compare products.

ir lab

Oakland Technical High School's Green Technology Academy in the IR Thermography Lab experiencing the difference in radiative heat transfer between uncoated glass and glass with a low-emittance coating.  

IR Lab

Howdy Goudey setting up a sample for testing in the Infrared Thermography Laboratory.  


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