Measurements & Modeling

Models and tools for evaluating window system and building energy performance

Measurements & Modeling

LBNL researchers have developed a suite of free, open-source software tools (WINDOW, THERM, OPTICS, and Radiance) that enable industry to evaluate the thermal and daylighting performance of window components and systems. The tools continue to be updated as new calculation methods and procedures are developed by the international research community and codes and standards organizations. Laboratory measurements of glazings, shading, and daylighting materials are compiled into publicly accessible databases (IGDB, CGDB). To facilitate informed design, LBNL has also developed several tools for the residential (RESFEN) and commercial (COMFEN) markets that enable architects and engineers to determine energy use for prototypical spaces or buildings.

Dariush Arasteh

Dariush Arasteh (above), Charlie Curcija, and the LBNL software team have been developing energy analysis tools for evaluating fenestration systems over the past three decades.