Plasma-Assisted Deposition Laboratory

Plasma-Assisted Deposition Laboratory

The Plasma-Assisted Deposition Laboratory develops deposition processes for low-emittance and solar control coatings for windows. A constricted glow-discharge plasma source is used for: densification of coatings for greater durability, crystallization at low temperatures for increased reflectivity or electrical conductivity, enhancement of reactivity to produce an otherwise unstable phase or increase deposition rate, and control over composition. Electron microscopy and other imaging techniques are used to evaluate the resultant coatings and degradation mechanisms, in the case of chromogenic coatings.

plasma lab

Andre Anders, Senior Staff Scientist and 2009 R&D 100 Award winner, in the Plasma-Assisted Deposition Laboratory.  


Linear constricted plasma source; (top) running with oxygen, (bottom) false color.  

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