Advancement of Electrochromic Windows

TitleAdvancement of Electrochromic Windows
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsEleanor S Lee, Stephen E Selkowitz, Robert D Clear, Dennis L DiBartolomeo, Joseph H Klems, Luis L Fernandes, Gregory J Ward, Vorapat Inkarojrit, Mehry Yazdanian
Date Published04/2006
Other NumbersCEC-500-2006-052
Keywordscommercial buildings, daylight, daylighting controls, Electrochromic windows, energy efficiency, human factors, peak demand, switchable windows, visual comfort

This guide provides consumer-oriented information about switchable electrochromic (EC) windows. Electrochromic windows change tint with a small applied voltage, providing building owners and occupants with the option to have clear or tinted windows at any time, irrespective of whether it's sunny or cloudy. EC windows can be manually or automatically controlled based on daylight, solar heat gain, glare, view, energy-efficiency, peak electricity demand response, or other criteria. Window controls can be integrated with other building systems, such as lighting and heating/cooling mechanical systems, to optimize interior environmental conditions, occupant comfort, and energy-efficiency.

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