Chromogenic Switchable Glazing: Towards the Development of the Smart Window

TitleChromogenic Switchable Glazing: Towards the Development of the Smart Window
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsCarl M Lampert
Conference NameProceedings of Window Innovations Conference 95
Date Published06/1995
Conference LocationToronto, Canada
Call NumberLBL-37766

The science and technology of chromogenic materials for switchable glazings in building applications is discussed. These glazings can be used for dynamic control of solar and visible energy. Currently many researchers and engineers are involved with the development of products in this field. A summary of activities in Japan, Europe, Australia, USA and Canada is made. The activities of the International Energy Agency are included. Both non-electrically activated and electrically activated glazings are discussed. Technologies covered in the first category are photochromics, and thermochromics and thermotropics. A discussion of electrically activated chromogenic glazings includes dispersed liquid crystals, dispersed particles and electrochromics. A selection of device structures and performance characteristics are compared. A discussion of transparent conductors is presented. Technical issues concerning large-area development of smart windows are discussed.

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