Development of Trade-Off Equations for EnergyStar Windows

TitleDevelopment of Trade-Off Equations for EnergyStar Windows
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsYu Joe Huang, Robin Mitchell, Stephen E Selkowitz, Dariush K Arasteh, Robert D Clear
Conference NameSimBuild 2004
Date Published08/2004
Conference LocationBoulder, CO
Call NumberLBNL-55517

The authors explore the feasibility of adding a performance option to DOE's EnergyStar© Windows program whereby windows of differing U-factors and SHGCs can qualify so long as they have equivalent annual energy performance. An iterative simulation procedure is used to calculate trade-off equations giving the change in SHGC needed to compensate for a change in U-factor. Of the four EnergyStar© Window climate zones, trade-off equations are possible only in the Northern and Southern zones. In the North/Central and South/Central zones, equations are not possible either because of large intrazone climate variations or the current SHGC requirements are already near optimum.

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