Electrochemical Lithium Insertion in Sol-gel Deposited LiNbO3 Films

TitleElectrochemical Lithium Insertion in Sol-gel Deposited LiNbO3 Films
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsNilgün Özer, Carl M Lampert
JournalSolar Energy Materials and Solar Cells
Date Published12/1995

Inorganic LiNbO3 ion conducting films were prepared by sol-gel process involving two alkoxides, lithium ethoxide and niobium ethoxide. The films were analyzed by ellipsometry, X-ray diffractometry, scanning electron microscopy and impedance spectroscopy. Impedance spectroscopy indicated that the Li+ conductivity values were in the range of 6-8 x 10-7 S cm-1. The morphology and thickness of these films played an important role in the insertion of lithium ions. Spectrophotometric investigation showed that LiNbO3 films exhibit very weak cathodic coloration from 350 to 900 nm spectral region. The previous termelectrochemical and opticalnext term properties clearly indicate that sol-gel deposited LiNbO3 films can be used as lithium ion conducting layers for electrochromic device application.


International Meeting of Electrochromism

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