Establishing the Value of Advanced Glazings

TitleEstablishing the Value of Advanced Glazings
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsEleanor S Lee, Stephen E Selkowitz
Conference NameGlass in Buildings: An International Conference on the Use of Glass as an Architectural/Engineering Form and Material
Date Published04/1999
Conference LocationBath, UK
Call NumberLBNL-42761

Numerous glazing technologies are under development worldwide to improve the performance of building facades. High-performance glazings can provide substantial energy and related environmental benefits, but often at greatly increased first cost when compared to conventional design solutions. To increase market viability, we discuss strategies to reduce the actual and owner-perceived costs associated with developing and producing advanced window systems, specifically switchable electrochromic glazings, and we also suggest marketing strategies designed to appeal to early adopter and mainstream purchasers. These strategies may be applicable to a broad range of advanced glazing materials.

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