Low-Cost Networking for Dynamic Window Systems

TitleLow-Cost Networking for Dynamic Window Systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsEleanor S Lee, Dennis L DiBartolomeo, Francis M Rubinstein, Stephen E Selkowitz
JournalEnergy and Buildings
Call NumberLBNL-52198

A low-cost building communications network is needed that would allow individual window and lighting loads to be controlled fromsan existing enterprise LAN network. This building communications network concept, which we term Integrated Building EnvironmentalsCommunications System (IBECSTM), would enable both occupant-based and building-wide control of individual window, lighting, andssensor devices. IBECS can reduce the cost of systemic control because it allows a drastic cost reduction in per point networking costs. This kind of effort is needed to encourage the control industry to make the commitment to build this technology and to demonstratesto prospective customers that this breakthrough approach to more comprehensive systemic control will provide them with high-quality,sconvenient control while saving them money.The development and demonstration of network interfaces to DC- and AC-motorized shades and to an electrochromic window aresdescribed. The network interfaces enable one to control and monitor the condition of these fenestration appliances from a variety of sources,sincluding a user?s personal computer. By creating a functional specification for an IBECS network interface and testing a prototype, thesability to construct such an interface was demonstrated and the cost-effective price per point better understood. The network interfacesswere demonstrated to be reliable in a full-scale test of three DC-motorized Venetian blinds in an open-plan office over 2 years and in limitedsbench-scale tests of an electrochromic window.

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