Measurement of Bidirectional Optical Properties of Complex Shading Devices

TitleMeasurement of Bidirectional Optical Properties of Complex Shading Devices
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsJoseph H Klems, Jeffrey L Warner
JournalASHRAE Transactions
Volume101, Part 1
Call NumberLBL-36243

A new method of predicting the solar heat gain through complex fenestration systems involving nonspecular layers such as shades or blinds has been examined in a project jointly sponsored by ASHRAE and DOE. In this method, a scanning radiometer is used to measure the bidirectional radiative transmittance and reflectance of each layer of a fenestration system. The properties of systems containing these layers are then built up computationally from the measured layer properties using a transmission/multiple-reflection calculation. The calculation produces the total directional-hemispherical transmittance of the fenestration system and the layer-by-layer absorptances. These properties are in turn combined with layer-specific measurements of the inward-flowing fractions of absorbed solar energy to produce the overall solar heat gain coefficient.This paper describes the method of measuring the spatially averaged bidirectional optical properties using an automated, large-sample gonio-radiometer/photometer, termed a Scanning Radiometer. Property measurements are presented for one of the most optically complex systems in common use, a venetian blind. These measurements will form the basis for optical system calculations used to test the method of determining performance.

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