A Method for Simulating the Performance of Photosensor-Based Lighting Controls

TitleA Method for Simulating the Performance of Photosensor-Based Lighting Controls
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsCharles K Ehrlich, Konstantinos M Papamichael, Judy Lai, Kenneth L Revzan
JournalEnergy and Buildings
Call NumberLBNL-49018

The unreliability of photosensor-based lighting controls continues to be a significant market barrier that prevents widespread acceptance of daylight dimming controls in commercial buildings. Energy savings from the use of daylighting in commercial buildings is best realized through the installation of reliable photoelectric lighting controls that dim electric lights when sufficient daylight is available to provide adequate background and/or task illumination. In prior work, the authors discussed the limitations of current simulation approaches and presented a robust method to simulate the performance of photosensor-based controls using an enhanced version of the radiance lighting simulation package. The method is based on the concept of multiplying two fisheye images: one generated from the angular sensitivity of the photosensor and the other from a 180 or 360 deg. fisheye image of the space as seen by the photosensor. This paper includes a description of the method, its validation and possible applications for designing, placing, calibrating and commissioning photosensor-based lighting controls.

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