Optical Indices of Pyrolitic Tin-Oxide Glass

TitleOptical Indices of Pyrolitic Tin-Oxide Glass
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsKlaus von Rottkay, Michael D Rubin
Conference NameMaterials Research Society 1996 Spring Meeting
Date Published04/1996
Conference LocationSan Francisco, CA
Call NumberLBL-38586

SnO2:F is a widely used transparent conductor and commercially available in a multilayer structure as Tech glass. Current applications include photovoltaics, electrochromics and displays. Optical design of these and other applications requires knowledge of the optical constants, in some cases, over the whole solar spectrum. Various optical property measurements were performed including variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry, and spectral transmittance and reflectance measurements. This material is deposited in several steps and has a fairly complex structure. The measured data were fit to models based on this structure to obtain the optical indices. Atomic force microscopy confirmed the optically modeled surface roughness.

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