Performance Criteria for Residential Zero Energy Windows

TitlePerformance Criteria for Residential Zero Energy Windows
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsDariush K Arasteh, Howdy Goudey, Yu Joe Huang, Christian Kohler, Robin Mitchell
Conference Name2007 ASHRAE Winter Meeting
Date Published01/2007
Conference LocationDallas, TX
Call NumberLBNL-59190

This paper shows that the energy requirements for today's typical efficient window products (i.e. ENERGY STAR products) are significant when compared to the needs of Zero Energy Homes (ZEHs). Through the use of whole house energy modeling, typical efficient products are evaluated in five US climates and compared against the requirements for ZEHs. Products which meet these needs are defined as a function of climate. In heating dominated climates, windows with U-factors of 0.10 Btu/hr-ft2-F (0.57 W/m2-K) will become energy neutral. In mixed heating/cooling climates a low U-factor is not as significant as the ability to modulate from high SHGCs (heating season) to low SHGCs (cooling season).

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