Simulating Complex Window Systems Using BSDF Data

TitleSimulating Complex Window Systems Using BSDF Data
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsMaria Konstantoglou, Jacob C Jonsson, Eleanor S Lee
Conference Name26th Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA), June-22-24
Date Published06/2009
Conference LocationQuebec City, Canada

Nowadays, virtual models are commonly used to evaluate the performance of conventional window systems. Complex fenestration systems can be difficult to simulate accurately not only because of their geometry but also because of their optical properties that scatter light in an unpredictable manner. Bi-directional Scattering Distribution Functions (BSDF) have recently been developed based on a mixture of measurements and modelling to characterize the optics of such systems. This paper describes the workflow needed to create then use these BSDF datasets in the Radiance lighting simulation software. Limited comparisons are made between visualizations produced using the standard ray-tracing method, the BSDF method, and that taken in a full-scale outdoor mockup.

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