Switchable Glazing: Science and Technology of Smart Windows

TitleSwitchable Glazing: Science and Technology of Smart Windows
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsCarl M Lampert
Conference NameSociety of Vacuum Coaters 38th Annual Technical Conference
Call NumberLBNL-39072

Electrically activated switchable glazing and their use as smart windows and other large-area applications are discussed. Electrochromic devices are compared to dispersed liquid crystals and dispersed particle glazing systems. A selection of device structures and performance characteristics are compared. A discussion of transparent conductors is presented. The characteristics of prototype and commercial devices from commercial and university labs in Japan, Europe, Australia, and USA are covered. A discussion of the future of this technology is made including areas of necessary development for the realization of devices in excess of 1 m2.

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