Advanced Windows Testbed

Advanced Windows Testbed

The Advanced Windows Testbed enables investigations of system-level interactions between innovative façade systems and lighting and HVAC systems. Users can conduct outdoor tests in three full-scale, side-by-side instrumented test chambers. Each chamber is thermally isolated so that window heat flow measurements can be made on a comparative basis. The chambers are designed to emulate typical private offices, so that daylighting, comfort, and human factors studies can be conducted as well. Exterior and interior window attachments can be rotated every three to five days using hoist mechanisms, enabling a maximum of eight different test conditions to be evaluated over a solstice-to-solstice period. Scientists collaborate with industry to vet prototype systems; working out control system designs for dynamic, intelligent façade systems or characterizing the luminous environment resulting from innovative daylighting systems. Performance data are used to assess market readiness and quantify energy and non-energy benefits of new technologies prior to commercial release.

71T exterior

Left image: Dennis DiBartolomeo (foreground) and Kyle Konis changing out a motorized exterior blind outside the Advanced Windows Testbed.  Right image: Eleanor Lee, Staff Scientist (left), and Erin McConahey, Arup (right), discussing innovative shading technologies in the Advanced Windows Testbed.  


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