Solar Optical Properties Laboratory

Solar Optical Properties Laboratory

The Solar Optical Properties Laboratory applies and develops methods to characterize the solar-optical properties of specular and optically complex glazing and fenestration materials that are used as components in window and shading systems. Solar spectral transmittance and reflectance measurements are made on 2 x 2 centimeter (cm) samples at variable angles of incidence using spectroradiometers covering the 300–2,500 nanometer spectral range. A scanning spectrogoniometer measures the full bidirectional transmittance and reflectance properties of 8 x 8 cm sample materials or systems. Chromogenic sample measurements are cycled and measured in or out of a dry box. A dispersive infrared spectrometer is used to make measurements of emittance of specular and diffuse materials.


Spectral characterization of thermochromic glazings required controlled heating of the sample prior to measurement.  

integrating sphere

Total hemispherical transmission of large-area sample materials is measured in the outdoor integrating sphere.