Strategic Directions

Research and development committed to the development, assessment, and promotion of emerging, energy-efficient window and daylighting technologies

Strategic Directions

The Low-Energy High-Performance Building Façade Solutions research program supports industry efforts to develop, assess, and promote energy-efficient window and daylighting technologies and systems for new and existing buildings. The program provides industry access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, technical expertise, and collaborative opportunities that help bring innovative products to market more quickly. LBNL researchers collaborate with manufacturers, architects and engineers, utilities, building owners, and state officials to bridge the gap between initial concepts and market adoption.

Scientists use the unique research facilities and capabilities of the Energy Techologies Area—as well as those of related divisions such as Material Sciences and Accelerator and Fusion Research—to develop, test, and evaluate innovative façade technologies. Through improved design and/or in combination with other building systems, these technologies can provide significant reductions in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) and lighting energy use in buildings while improving comfort and amenity in the built environment.

An integrated approach to façade design enables one to optimize the energy use and comfort tradeoffs necessary to achieve a balanced solution. Often designers must choose between admission of daylight or mitigating glare and solar heat gains, controlling direct sun but blocking views to the outdoors. Better solutions provide a comfortable, energy-efficient, and productive living environment.

Development of affordable, effective technologies, systems, controls, and strategies is essential for achieving widespread reductions in energy use worldwide, thus meeting zero net energy use and carbon emission reduction goals.

For more than 30 years, LBNL researchers have defined strategic directions for R&D and innovation using practical, high-level assessments of the technical and market potential of various fenestration technologies and strategies.

Stephen Selkowitz at Advanced Windows Testbed

Stephen Selkowitz, Senior Advisor for Building Science, and the Group Leader of the Windows and Envelope Materials Group, explains measured outcomes from full-scale field tests to visitors inside the Advanced Windows Testbed Facility.